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Category : Professional Photographer

Renewal of marriage Photographer

Renewal of marriage vows Photographer

Renewal of marriage Photographer The renewal of vows for a married couple is a very important moment of reaffirmation for a couple. This moment of celebration of love for a married couple, unfolds as a special celebration . Therefore, it is usually held on an important anniversary (tenth, twentieth, fiftieth, etc.) Sometimes this great celebration is held when a couple has gone through a difficult time, and wants to reaffirm their commitment. Many ask why does it refer to votes. […]

Orlando wedding photography

Orlando Wedding Photography

Orlando Wedding Photography Orlando wedding photography is not all you see with a camera in your hand. So the wedding is not ideal for a trusted fan to be responsible for immortalizing your day. For your wedding photographer it is time to select the right person. Hence you can’t imagine how many people come to us every day, trying to save their memories. Well, they hired a friend who charged only $ 200 or the young man from his church […]

Senior PhotoShoot in Orlando

Senior PhotoShoot in Orlando Senior PhotoShoot in Orlando until a few years ago was used to be a senior portrait. A very traditional style was used for this genre of photography. The photo studio was always used. But times are changing and with it even the costumes. Before: girls dressed in a black curtain, boys with a classic tuxedo. Now we want to give you the possibility that you look like a whole young person that you are with your […]

Senior Portrait

Senior Portrait Senior portraits is the best time to look your best! Our team will be aware of all the details so that these photos are perfect. You can come with friend or friend, and take pictures together. You can take advantage of the occasion and have a nice photo session with your parents too. But you will always be the main person of our attention. We know that sometimes good friends give you the necessary support to make you […]

Senior Picture Photographer

Senior Picture Photographer

Senior Picture Photographer Senior Picture Photographer It is one of the specialties of Photo Video Events. We take pictures in our photo studio and also outdoors, the place you prefer will always be the best option. Senior portrait photography is one of the most passionate photo sessions. We feel that it is the genre of photography where we connect more with the most secret desires of young people. We always guide the photo session by themes, based on the professional […]