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Baby Photographer

Baby Photographer

Baby Photographer requires experience for years of dealing with children. If it is woman it is much better. Women bring in themselves the gift of motherhood. In her hands her baby will always be safe, she will know how to load it and coax it to be well the small baby. Parents on the other hand always ask when the time is right to take the photos. The big question from parents: How long does the photo shoot last? Do not worry, about 30 minutes.

We will always make an appointment beforehand to make your photos. We will try to accommodate you as much as your schedule allows if you want to take photos in the first 3 months. We know that the first few months of tiredness overwhelm the family a little. Hence there are very few who are not free to rest.

We encourage you to bring a favorite baby blanket. In case he sometimes feels outside the home, he feels more at home. Family remember that you have to have patience. We have a great variety of beautiful blankets that add texture and color to your baby’s photos. The accessories you use will depend on the age, as well as the subjects of the photo session. Do not worry You pro that let the babay photographer guide you.

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