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Lake Lily Engagement Photo Shoot

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Lake Lily Engagement Photo Shoot

Lake Lily Engagement Photo Shoot it is only possible in a small and cozy park, but very cute and picturesque. One of our favorite places for a relaxing and intimate photo session. This is a great place for a serene walk after the photo shoot. There is a nice winding path around the lake.

While we do the Lake Lily Engagement Photo Shoot, the Turtles, fish, ducks, birds and squirrels that run freely around the small pond filled with Lilly with a wonderful fountain all accompanied by a long wooden bridge where you will be followed by endless water creatures and a gazebo.

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The trail around this small lake is well shaded and has good places to sit and relax. That’s why we suggest you as one of the Lake Lily Engagement Photo Shoot options. There are ample opportunities to walk a pet while you take photos. If you are in the area and you are looking for a little respite from the life of the city of Maitland make sure you pop in this oasis and relax for a few while we take responsibility for leaving the memories of these moments captured in a photo.

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