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Mermaid Photography

Mermaid Photography

Mermaid Photography

Mermaid photography is a dream come true for our young people. We all hear about mermaids for stories and movies. It is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a human female and the tail of a fish. Many of the young people who knock on our doors identify with them. Its peculiarities coincide: simple, beautiful, that love the sea, and tranquility.

Some of the attributes of the sirens may have been influenced by the sirens of Greek mythology. He identifies them as benevolent creatures that bestow blessings. Many fall in love with the overflowing love of humans. That is why we highlight similar images in our Siren Photography. The colorful clothes defy nature. And they allow the figure of them to stand out much more.

These magical female figures, marine and legendary that have been recorded in maritime cultures since time immemorial. I share some of your secrets. Many folktales record marriages between sirens (who can assume the human form) and men. In most, the man steals the mermaid’s cap or belt, his comb or his mirror. While the objects are hidden, she lives with him; If you find them, immediately return to the sea. In some variants, marriage lasts while certain agreed conditions are met, and ends when conditions are broken.

[pp_gallery id=”87306″]But are the sirens real? For us YES !!! and we give evidence of that in our mermaid photography. You would have to see with what dedication these young people prepare their photo session. The process of selecting each element is magical. The costumes are not the only thing. Each item they choose to use has a particular charm, mostly made by themselves.

Converting and immortalizing an image of these magical legends is one of our goals with our Mermaid Photography.

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