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Princess Photoshoot

Princess Photoshoot

Princess photoshoot is the result of falling in love with old stories. Identifying the beings that we love the most with charming characters, makes us a lifelong fan.

The inspiration of Minerva, seamstress and grandmother of these beautiful girls, in their designs came from her own experience with Disney. This inspiration was the result of the positive impact that her only granddaughters have had in her life. For my part “The incredible love stories have always been an inspiration for me” I try to share with my clients every day this central idea and so I achieve that my beloved Princess Photoshoot makes me understand the magical world of stories.

[pp_gallery id=”83141″]To prepare the photo session, I chose a special backdrop. I think that this, together with the art of photography and my beautiful clients, was the essence of the well-achieved Princess Photoshoot.

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