Quinceañera in the Circus

Quinceañera in the Circus

Quinceañera in the circus like theme of its celebration. When I hear that this is a party theme, rest assured that everything is pure fun. You will always find candy, good dance music and special performances. It could be a crazy hour, or something fantastic with animals.

If you chose quinceañera in the circus like subject you have no limits when it comes to decorating and planning. Do not be afraid to leave everything! Yes, there is much to prepare to customize every detail. We know it will be hard work but do not forget that creativity will pay off. And your quinceanera dress? I know that you will ask if you will have to go with one of many colors to be according to your theme. No, that’s my answer. We took more than 18 years as photographers and always the colors of quinceanera dresses are red or purple. Dont ask me why. But maybe these links based on psychological studies give you the answer ……

But I hope that like most of the quinceañera in the circus to change of clothes for the reception uses an appropriate one. You can be a wild animal tamer. But perhaps a mage or trapeze artist would also be a good choice. Do not forget in your decoration to strengthen the use of red and white colors. And the popcorn on your table as souvenirs or appetizer should not be missing. Good luck.

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