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Quinceanera Swan Princess

Quinceanera Swan Princess

Quinceanera Swan Princess, is making the dream of a teenager on the road to youth come true. When we were preparing the day of the photo shoot, we wanted to achieve something unique, something spectacular for a princess. The young woman and her family and we, the Photo Video Events work team, wanted something unique and contradictory classic. Then based on the classic fairy tale “Swan Princess” we decided to make all the necessary arrangements to achieve these beautiful photos. “The Quinceanera Palace” provided us with the necessary accessories to make the photographic goal come true. Therefore the wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle, was perfect. The flowers of the dress gave a very delicate appearance. The earrings and the necklace coincided with the design of the dress.

The day was with a radiant sun but the heat did not beat our quinceanera. The mood of all flourished, when seeing the cooperation of mother nature. The swans seemed to communicate with the young woman. Many of the wild swans approached to be part of the quinceanera photography and posed to the camera with their best smile. The poses were unique, for all it was an unforgettable experience. The swan princess, achieved her dream, and our photo session was a success.

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