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Snake Quinceanera Photography

Snake Quinceanera Photography

Snake Princess Photography brought  The spirit of the serpent. Many are terrified at the thought of carrying in their hands any kind of this animal species. But for our princess it was very easy.
Many wonder why this young woman preferred the snake? These snake princess photography were a symbol of the primeval Energy. The snake is the first animal, symbol among India’s spiritual culture. Snakes were considered as protective, good luck animals and Medicine Animals with great healing powers.

[pp_gallery id=”31205″]First, the Indians prayed them to ask for the healing of a loved one. In the mythology of American Indians, the divinity they call the Horned Snake or Water Monster. Is the protector of the sources of water and life that emanate from the Earth. 

Our young lady has always been attracted to snakes since she was a child. She is the only one in her family with that inclination. Many know of the other conditions attributed to the serpent. Snake Medicine is knowledge, regeneration, peace, health, eternity. The Serpent is master of everything feminine and holds power and wisdom. Is the best instructor in everything related to water, fluidity and change. Now, I hope that some girl want take it the same style “Snake Princess Photography”

Second, the fact that the Snake changes its skin as it grows is accepted as a metaphor. Is the way in which human beings change old habits and old patterns of thought to grow and reach a higher level of energy and consciousness. It is transmutation. It invites us to make a profound evolutionary change that will totally regenerate us to ascend to the One. That’s why the idea of ​​the photograph of the snake princess was very good to develop. Do you like it?

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