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Orlando Sweet Sixteen Photos

Orlando Sweet Sixteen Photos

Orlando Sweet Sixteen Photos

Orlando Sweet Sixteen Photos, something good? There are those who see it as a banality and a waste of time. Others as a need to continue a tradition. Many as a decisive event in family life. But … the need to perpetuate his image, has accompanied man since ancient times. And that is the basis of the last century with respect to social photography. The viewer understood that from the photo, his representation would be for ever.

Since the 19th century, the concept of Sweet Sixteen Photos has been developed. It is in many Latin American countries, how to present young women within society. An important way to present the new “young girl” of the family. We, like many professionals, specialized in young girls, 15 or 16, see in them an artistic expression. Hence the difference between the photographers of the 21st century. It should not be forgotten that photography is considered art and involves serious aesthetic parameters and a professional who respects himself.

We consider that when they seek to obtain a good Sweet Sixteen Photos, they must ensure that their photos are not just one more photo. They must make sure to meet these goals and the dreams of the young woman. And it guarantees on both sides, professional and client, that the result is mediated by good taste. It is evident that every day the aesthetic demands of the client are greater when the cultural level is average. The demand for this service based on the photos of XV, has been increasing. Therefore: they will be able to change the artistic discourses, the tendencies, the technical supports; But the tradition will not dissipate. The Sweet Sixteen Photos will last as a form of representation of our identity and cultural heritage.

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