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Photo Shoot in Portofino Hotel

Photo Shoot in Portofino Hotel Photo Shoot in Portofino Hotel is spectacular. The place simulates a coastal town in Italy. Therefore, our quinceaneras enhance the picturesque charm of the place. Architecture decorated with extreme luxury embellishes photography but our young people magnify the panorama. Our quinceaneras wear their dress with the majesty of a princess. [pp_gallery id=”74011″]Working with us you will find many advantages. One, the possibility that you can choose the photos you want for your album. This will […]

Quinceanera Photography near me

Quinceanera Photography near me Quinceanera photography near me, is more than a concept for a young woman who approaches her 15 or 16 years. Every young person always calculates from very young how many years are left for that day so revered. Accustomed to playing with her dolls. Watching her princess movies that yearning so impregnated in her subconscious is enhanced. The fifteen years are approaching and with them the memorable Quinceanera photography near me. First, see them come with […]

quinceanera photography

Quinceanera Photography

Quinceanera Photography Quinceanera Photography will continue to mark each life of the girls. It is a special moment, where everyone wants to achieve that fantasy, because, they had for years in their mind. Sometimes, those dreams come from his most viewed children’s movies. Other times, these ideas come from trying to be the same as a close relative. Consequently, i never really knew the origin of this preference for horses. Also, she told me about her preference for the beach. Seems like […]

Quinceanera Swan Princess

Quinceanera Swan Princess

Quinceanera Swan Princess Quinceanera Swan Princess, is making the dream of a teenager on the road to youth come true. When we were preparing the day of the photo shoot, we wanted to achieve something unique, something spectacular for a princess. The young woman and her family and we, the Photo Video Events work team, wanted something unique and contradictory classic. Then based on the classic fairy tale “Swan Princess” we decided to make all the necessary arrangements to achieve […]

leu garden photography (

Leu Gardens photography

Leu Gardens photography Leu gardens photography are great. We arrived the first time under the assumption that it should be a beautiful place. We asked acquaintances to see if they could give us a reference of the place. Everyone said that it was visited by elderly people. Our experience of many years in the world of photography made us distrust. We decided to make a visit so that we could appreciate every corner of this place with the eyes of […]