The Crystal Ballroom Wedding

The Crystal Ballroom Wedding

The Crystal Ballroom Wedding is presented to you by photography professionals. Photo-Video-Events wants to show a summary of the most complete of the events that take place in the event halls of Orlando. Today in crystal ballroom in casselberry.

When you visit us in our photo studio you can see a great variety of works in this ballroom. We will always show you original files, so, you can see how our photos come from the first click. Our colors are legitimate achieved from the first click. The setting of the place is created without extreme use of the editing programs. You can see every moment of the event without losing details and rescuing its original setting. The decoration in this ballroom is always beautiful. Bride and groom, we can show you the decoration after your celebration, because we know that the nerves will not allow you to detail anything the wedding date. With us you will be in good hands. We can show you a lot of “The Crystal Ballroom Wedding”, so you know in depth what we are trying to tell you.



You will see details of the entrance of the grooms, rings, kiss, toast, garter and bouquet. Everything from the first click. All professionals of Photo-Video-Events we are proud to know that everything is recorded in our cameras to make your memories happier. We know to distinguish ourselves from all the others who still have much to learn in the field of photography.

Just visit us and you can find with us everything you need for your event.

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