Wedding Photography Kissimmee

Wedding Photography Kissimmee, “Photo Video Events” is a photo studio, specializing in wedding photography Orlando in Central Florida.

We do engagement photography for the wedding day.

For the wedding:

We do everything related to photography and video for wedding.

For the event, we make love stories, slideshow, video clips, photo shoots in the studio and out of the studio.

In the wedding day, we make the video of everything that happens :

  • The preparation of the bride.
  • The ceremony
  • The reception.
  • The toast.
  • The dance.

Our photographer:

Our photographer have been works on wedding for over 18 years. They have a great experience in different cultures, wedding ceremonies.

The equipment used by the photographer are top line. The professionals who work for you, are the true authors of all photography and video that we publish on our web site.

No commercial use tricks to earn your trust. We use the example of our work and the story told by our customers.

We are registered in the WeddingWire network as a reliable Portraits Photo Studio in 2016.

Wedding photography Kissimmee has a special connotation.


Our mainly tourist city, has become a favorite place for many couples, who plan their wedding engagement. For this fundamental reason, destination wedding photographers have the need to rescue the passion in their subjects of photography.

Their scenarios reflect the religious culture of the couple being engaged for the wedding.
We photograph outdoors in our photographic for what we use a variety of backgrounds study. After the engagement photography, our customers have the opportunity to select from many engagement photography they consider best for enlargement.

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