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Winter Park Engagement Photography

Winter Park Engagement Photography

Winter Park Engagement Photography is very popular with central florida visitors and visitors. The couple sessions are fun, relaxed and their duration is usually one to two hours. Basically consist of putting the couple in a beautiful place and letting them be: funny, clumsy, romantic, sexy! I do not do many poses, because I prefer natural photos, but we will always help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Most couples start out as shy, but they end up as if they were born for this!

My goal is to make the photos as meaningful as possible, and when couples actively participate in the choice of place, it is much easier! Of course, I’ll be happy to help you choose if your ideas need a little development.

Try to sleep as much as possible the night before. Fatigue, as well as discomfort, are shown very easily through the images. Boys: shave / trim your beard and make your hair the day before. Girls: Make your nails, hair, make-up. Most outdoor places are windy. Bring the screws, and consider the option of having at least a half. Rae powder, lipstick, wipes, a mirror and a comb to touch up between photos. Transfer papers are really helpful in minimizing these cases.

These tips I hope you keep in mind to achieve a wonderful Winter Park Engagement Photography
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